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lots of 40s out there with 76 at 5:00 p.m. we'll confirm the fact that skies are clear as we look at the satellite and radar. there's no significant weather headed our way but a chilly morning, down to 45 now in frederick. 46 at martinsburg. cumberland 45. 46 manassas. on the flip side i just spoke to jan in reedville right on the chesapeake, 66 degrees because the bay waters are so warm. 49 even in la plata. let's go to monika samtani. top that weather report. i can't. i really cannot. i'll give it you to because all of us are enjoying that, howard, really. we're enjoying the commute for the most part. there are two sore spots, though. one is in tacoma park where there's a fallen tree on route 410 near piney branch road. 270 looks great as you head in from frederick down to the point where the lanes divide. you've got the brake lights at route 109. i'm going to step out and show what you it looks like live from our sky 9. it's a little dark out still to see what's going on but it is an accident
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in i hatonsville -- accident in laytonsville involving a motorcycle. i think that's what we're looking at right now. if you're planning to head in this area, it's right near the gulf course. choose an alternate route. i do believe they have the roadblocked there, woodfield at warfield road in laytonsville. we'll keep you posted on that swaying. let's go back over to our maps -- situation. let's go back over to our maps. heavy at university boulevard. one more last live look outside if you're planning to head here on the beltway at kenilworth avenue. traffic is moving well east side of town. i'll be back with more on traffic at 6:11. just about 6:02 now. just about every june remembers where they were 11 -- everyone remembers where they were 11 years ago today when the september 11 attacks started today. our region and the country are going to take time out to honor those who died. >> compared to the past two years, those remembrances will be skilled down. kristin fisher begins our coverage this morning live at the national cathedral in
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northwest washington. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. as you talked about scaling down, this is actually the very first year since 9/11 that the national cathedral is not going to be holding a big commemorative event. instead they're opting to smaller, more intimate prayer services. that's intentional. the interim dean says part of the church's mission is to help people begin to heal after 9/11. so that's what they're trying to do. plus, you also have to keep in mind last year was of course the big ten-year anniversary of 9/11, and i think for that reason you can expect to see some slightly scaled back commemorative events at the pentagon, new york city and in shanksville, pennsylvania. vice president joe biden will be speaking there today. yesterday defense secretary leon panetta visited the flight 93 national memorial calling it the final resting place of american patriots. >> it's the spirit that was reflected in the heroes here
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who were willing on a plane to suddenly charge ahead knowing -- knowing that it was very likely that they were giving their lives for their country. that kind of sacrifice, that kind of commitment, that kind of dedication, that kind of courage is what makes this country strong. and we had damn well better remember that every day. >> reporter: here's a look at how you can remember 9/11 here in washington at 9:37 this morning, the exact moment the third plane flew into the pentagon, there's going to be a moment of silence at arlington national cemetery and the cemetery will be open to the public. but not open to the public, the pentagon memorial. it's going to be closed from 5:00 a.m. to noon for a private ceremony for the survivors and the victims' families. if you really want to do something today, really give back, i would say check out the national day of service and remembrance. it's going on from 11:30 a.m.
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until 2:00 p.m. at freedom plaza in downtown d.c. then finally here at the national cathedral, there's going to be prayer services at 8:45 noon and 5:30 this evening. i will have more on the nationwide commemorative events coming up at 6:30. andrea? >> kristin fisher live at the national cathedral in northwest this morning. on the eve of the anniversary, new york mayor michael bloomberg announced a deal to finish construction on the 9/11 memorial museum. the big issue has been money. it's going to cost $60 million a year to maintain and secure the ground zero memorial, a museum and keep it all secure. the mayor says work to finish the site will resume by the end of the month. >> we're going to build a museum that's really important to the families of the 9/11 victims and to all of those who's contributed photos and momentos and trying to preserve the memory of those that they loved that no longer are here.
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>> the outdoor memorial opened last year. more than four million people have already visited the site. stay with 9news now and cbs news throughout the day as we mark the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. right now at, see artwork by children being shown at the pentagon. see photographs from new york's 9/11 memorial museum and learn more about the events going on around town today. all of that and more right now at prince george's county police admit they still have no leads in the murder of a 17- yard high school student. they're hoping anyone will come forward with the smallest piece of information even. aamber stanley was murdered in her own bedroom last month in kettering. police say the killer went into the home of amber's bedroom and shot her. more than a hundred people attended last night's community meeting, including amber's mother. >> i miss her, my baby.
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i'm just waiting to wake up from a horrible dream. i'm walking around waiting to wake up. >> another goal? to ensure the people who live in kettering that their neighborhood is safe. police say there have only been three violent crimes so far this year. michael brown says nearly $114,000 from his campaign account is missing after, quote, unexplained expenditures. "the washington post" reports the independent at large councilman filed a campaign report late last night. he fired his campaign treasurer in july after some money went missing. there is a police investigation. brown is expected to hold a news conference this afternoon. at 6:06, jessica doyle is watching your money. >> higher taxes that were put into place to help people stop smoking apparently are working. >> that's right. apparently in the war on smoking, the silver bullet has been all about money. a giant federal tobacco tax height has spurred a historic drop in smoking. this is particularly true for
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teenagers. our partners at "u.s.a. today" report that about three million fewer people smoked last year than in 2009. that is despite a larger population. this tax lifted prices on cigarettes by 22%. that hit families making less than $50,000 a year the hardest and they account for two-thirds of all smokers. teen smoking immediately fell by up to 13%. other factors are at work here as well, too. health concerns, smoke free buildings, marketing restrictions and higher prices from the tobacco companies. the sluggish economy can get a boost from the new iphone believe it or not. the iphone 5 is expected to be unveiled tomorrow. a jpmorgan economist says the new phone could add up to half a% in the nation's growth in the 4th quarter. don't believe some of the hype. bed bugs could be hard to kill. federal regulators have hit two companies marketing antibed bug
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products. the ftc says there's no evidence that the ingredients inest easy and best yet can eliminate or prevent these little bloodsuckers but this guy is pretty cute. >> especially if you're battling something that big. >> it was just feeding. that's why it got larger. >> they say the dogs do sniff them up. >> you know what can stop bed bugs? the iphone. >> it cures everything. it does all. >> thank you. the time is 6:08. in ten minutes, the boondoggle in montgomery county. we'll get the latest on the silver spring transit center. grab a jacket. will you need it as you head out. absolutely refreshing, however. gorgeous. temperatures in the 40s and 50s as you peek out the door. your weather first coming up next. but first, how much time do you spend watching television each week? depends on your age. teenagers watch an nch of just 22 minutes -- an average of just 22 minutes each week and
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people over 65 spend nearly 48 hours a week watching television. >> and the way we watch is changing too. nearly 5% of homes with a tv don't get channels from cable satellite or over the air. they use tvs for video games, dvds and netflix.
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this is meteorologist howard bernstein on this kind of chilly morning. temperatures mid- to upper 40s right now. we're going to have a beautiful day ahead once again. lunch time temperature 72. a mid afternoon high of 78. driving home still beautiful with a temperature of 76. on the southbound side of i- 270, delays here at route 109. they extend to route 121 before the pace improves into germantown and rockville. i'll be back in a few minutes with an update on an incident in tacoma park at 6:17. for thousands of americans in military service academies, 9/11 changed what their education is all about. i their stories are now featured in a new book which is going on sale today. it's called "in the shadow of greatness: voices of leadership, sacrifice and
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service from america's longest war." we're joined with the lieutenant commander of the u.s. navy. these stories are compelling. we all remember how we personally went through 9/11. you went through it from a different perspective and you decided you wanted to be a part of this book. why? >> we wanted to share stories of the post-9/11 generation. >> these young people started right after high school and went directly into the service, right? >> yes. our story captures -- we start on 9/11 and then how that was a shift for our nation. the book is meant to profile 33 short stories of how leadership in the cruise bell of battle shapes you as a person, makes you become a patriot. that's what drove us to share these stories with the american people. >> reporter: in addition to the people who fought in the war, are there accounts from moms and grandparents and other things in there? >> what's most powerful i think are some of the stories of our classmates who were lost in year. anita torres, matthew freeman and others, they were lost.
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anita and matthew's mother write about losing their sons in war. so they're very visceral, powerful and emotional tales. we also get stories from the front lines, counterinsurgency commissions. they're all woven together so the reader understands the diverse leadership perspectives you get. >> what are you hoping people are going to learn from this? trying to connect with people's hearts? is it going to be a prescription for leadership moving forward? what are some of the things you're hoping to gain from the book? >> i think it's twofold. we want to support a gray cause. this is a non-- great causes n. is a nonprofit book. we also want to make sure people connect. if you want to understand what the experience is like, if you want a better appreciation of how we responded after 9/11 and want to be leaders in the future, you should read this book. ultimately it's a way to close how civilian and military interact, how they see each other. long term i think this will be a great leadership book for the
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country. >> where will it be unveiled? >> at the knauss naval -- at the u.s. naval memorial. we'll partner with u.s.s. new york. at 6:00 p.m. we'll launch the book. cspan books will be there. grade media coverage. it's open to the public. >> if you can't make it, you can get it on amazon and bookstores as well. lieutenant commander, good to see you. good luck with the book. over to you. >> thank you, mike. i'm here in the weather center with howard. a gorgeous day on tap. this is going to be an easy forecast. >> love days like this. we just have to figure out how cool it will get at night and how worm during the day because high pressure is in control. that means good stuff for the next few days. let's show you our bus stop forecast on this gorgeous, chilly tuesday morning. many areas are down in the 40s this morning. lots of us in the 50s still but it is a crisp morning. still about a half-hour to go until the sunrise. we'll get a nice glow on the
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eastern horizon now. day planner, we'll see sunshine all day long. 72 at noon so a great lunch hour. look at winds north at 5:00. becoming light and variable this afternoon. 3:00 temperature 76. we're going to poke up i think to 78 for the high with a drive home temperature at 6:00 p.m. of 74. if you have evening plans, weather will be perfect for them. this morning we're down to 45 if lovettsville. 52 in hey market. 46 -- haymarket. 46 at last check in gaithersburg. 53 in alexandria. so these are some very crisp temps. even 50 in bah necessary today. as -- in bethesda. as we look outside on our weather cam this is tysons corner looking south. just a beautiful looking morning with clear skies. national is reporting 57 right now with light winds and humidity at 74% and a strong, healthy barometer 30.25. high pressure over west virginia this morning. the southerly winds on the back side of the high are going to shoot temps to the mid-9 otion in minneapolis. -- mid-90s in minneapolis.
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we're on the cool side of the high. we'll have to watch the high as it gives us this great weather. a couple of showers on the back side of the high. this is what we may be seeing as we head toward saturday night, sunday. but until then, it's just going to warm up a little bit here for the second half of the week. a beautiful day ahead, 78. tonight we're back down to near 50 in the suburbs. closer to 60 in town. 83 tomorrow, still great. thursday looking really nice, too, at 84. in fact friday will be a repeat of thursday with lows in the 60s, highs in the low to mid- 80s. saturday 83. i think saturday night into sunday that's when we introduce the chance for showers. 6:17. here comes monika samtani. timesaver traffic. the 6:00 hour normally that means we're talking about a few incidents. yes, we are. we've been talking about one for a while now. since early this morning where there was a fallen tree in tacoma park. it is blocking route 410 near piney branch road. so be aware of that. now you see all this red that howard was talking about. southbound 270, look at that out of frederick most of the
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way down to route 121. i'm going to step out and show what you it looks like live from our sky 9 n. is near father hurley boulevard. there had been a traffic stop on the shoulder as well and that was attracting is some -- attracting some attention but the lanes remain open. north of town, outer loop slows down from about 95 just past that actually new hampshire avenue as you head for university boulevard. a live look there. lanes are open. there are no ?efntses on the belt we -- no incidents on the beltway. it's just that frustrating slow traffic we deal with every single morning. before i go, i do have a commuter alert. the latest on an ongoing saga involving the new silver spring transit center. we've been telling you for months about the botched concrete work at the facility. it doesn't meet the safety standards that the county wants and at a community meeting last night, the head of the cts's department of general services add -- county's department of general services that he has no idea when the facility will open. he says the county still has to decide how it's going to fix the issues and that any work
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won't begin till the spring. the general contractor on the project says the facility is safe, even if it doesn't meet the county standards. that does not sound good. so basically it was a concrete pouring error. too thick or too thin on the second and third floors. like we said, they have no idea when it's going to open so it's a huge concrete structure in the middle of downtown silver spring and not being used. >> scaffolding and chain link fence all around, ugly and it's a mess. >> hard to look at. don't know when it's going to open now. it's 6:19. time to get another check of our question of the morning. the average one of these things costs four times more than it did 25 years ago but is only half the size. are we talking about a, a bag of chips, b, a bikini, or c, a cell phone? >> i love this answer. sue says a, chips. the good thing is the high
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price keeps me from buying them. now they need to jack up the price on donuts. >> keep your guesses coming. find out if you're correct at 6:48.
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welcome back. your weather first. a gorgeous tuesday morning. we have about 20 minutes before the sunrise. a beautiful glow in the sky. check out the jefferson memorial and washington monument. a gorgeous morning out there. here's another shot of the u.s. capitol. check this one out. boy, it's a great time of morning to be awake. temperature by noon 72. we're going to top out around 78. a perfect day ahead. mike and andrea? in sports the redskins are resting today after their big win sunday. tomorrow they'll start getting ready for the st. louis rams. >> the ravens opened their season last night hosting the cincinnati bengals.
6:24 am
this was a career night for joe flacko. could not have been more decisive and effective. a pair of touchdown,. check out this toss, boom. ravens up 17-10 at the half. later in the 3rd, ed reed, picked six. count it. ran 34 yards for the touchdown. baltimore wins 44-13. the ravens have won seven come consecutive home openers. doubleheader last night on monday night football. the raiders hosting the chargers. oakland botched three different punts in the game. special teams failed. san diego capitalized each time. chargers defense didn't allow a touchdown till the 4th quarter. san diego wins 22-14. >> sorry about that, brian. the nationals are picking off their division opponents one by one. saturday they ended any chance the marlins could win the nl east. now the mets are out, too. d.c. opened a three-game series in new york last night. in the 3rd, ryan zimmerman hit the blast to dead center field.
6:25 am
a two-run home run. he's -- his 21st of the season made it 3-0 nats. gio gonzalez didn't need more help than that. he pitched six innings giving up one run on three hits. he now has 19 wins. that's the most for the fran choose in 30 -- franchise in 30 years. after years of coming oh so close, andy murray finally has a grand slam title to his name. he defeated novak djokovic in five sets yesterday. you saw the finale on channel 9. it took forever. it's been 76 years since a british men's have won any grand slam. apparently pepco is at it again. find out what the power company is doing to people who lost
6:26 am
power in this last weekend's storm. >> the lure of credit cards college students has been a proper for a long time. what risks are still out there and how parents can protect their children. >> let's check on the commute. >> a nice shot of the downtown area looking at pennsylvania avenue. no delays here as you head through downtown. all the potomac and anacostia river crossings are incident sphree. i'll be back -- free. i'll be back with more.
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good morning. welcome to 9news now. it is a lovely, refreshing morning. you just need a little jacket but it's great. we're not complaining at all. >> we were just saying we could almost see our breath out here. >> after an oppressive summer, this is so refreshing. >> yesterday was a great day. today will be better. we're looking at less wind and a beautiful shot. check out tysons corner on our michael & son weather cam. just reflecting the glow in the eastern skies. love this time of morning. we've got temperatures today which will be climbing into the 70s here by lunch time. there we go. 72 at noon. 5:00 76. i think the high probably around 3:30 or so, 2:30, 3:30, in that time frame about 78. clear overhead. we're going to stay with that all day long thanks to high pressure moving in from west
6:31 am
virginia. the winds start northerly and will get light in the afternoon. mid-40s in much of the shenandoah valley. frederick one of the cool spots at 44. we're 57 in town. monika samtani, shoe have been outside with us -- you should have been outside with us. it's delightful. i know. it's gorgeous but i'll join you later. in the meantime lots of stuff to tell you about. if you're planning to head on the northbound side of 95, i just got word of a possible accident in the hov lanes north of lorton. so be aware of that if you're heading north on i-95. expect a bit of a slowdown in that area as crews look for that accident. northbound 95 north of lorton road in the hov lanes. you can see slow traffic as well in the main lines. if you're planning to head northbound, let's take a live look outside and here's what it looks like northbound 95 again in lorton. heavy traffic through this eamplet back over to the map -- this area. back over to the maps, if you're coming in from annapolis, all lanes are open. looking good from cheverly to
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the northeast corridor. another live look, this time at the bay bridge. again really no problems to report between here and the beltway. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:43. back to you guys. a recent gallop survey finds that out of every american who has at least eight years old on 9/11, 97% remember exactly where they were that day. >> nora joins us live from new york. good morning. welcome you to cbs this morning. what do you remember from that day? >> well, good morning to you, mike and andrea. i remember 9/11 11 years ago today i was at home when it happened. i remember watching television and then went and reported from the pentagon all day and through the night. and then ended up covering the pentagon and traveling with defense secretary rumsfeld, including two afghanistan right after the 9/11 attacks. certainly today is a day to reflect and remember about those attacks. and also because it is the
6:33 am
anniversary of 9/11, we decided to sit down with the current defense secretary leon panetta. and in our interview, he blasts the navy seal who wrote the book about the bin laden raid. we ask him what should happen toed seal and what the american people -- happen to the seal and what the american people ought to know. and what the administration knew about the al qaeda threats before the attack and we have u.s. open winner andy murray. he will be right here in studio 57 when we see you right at 7:00. charlie rose is excited about that interview. he was there for part of the match and says it was incredible to watch. >> i bet he had to leave early just to get up early. i can't believe it went on as long as it did. it was incredible. >> i was on the plane flying back and forth to d.c. after interviewing panetta so i missed the match. it will be exciting to see the highlights. >> norah, good to see you. the president will take part in 9/11 remembrances in our area today, and there will
6:34 am
be plenty of other events. >> kristin fisher is live at the national cathedral. this year is going to be a little different when it comes to the remembrance. >> reporter: that's right, mike, a little bit different because this is actually the first year that the national cathedral is not going to hold a big commemorative event to mark the anniversary of 9/11. this is also the first year that no politicians are going to be allowed to speak at the ceremony at ground zero up in new york city. for years from president bush to president obama, people have accused elected officials of using these anniversaries for political gain, especially during a presidential campaign. there's also a sense after the big ten-year anniversary last year, perhaps it's time to scale back these big commemorative events and allow the victims' families to have more privacy, more intimacy. so this year politicians have been banned from speaking at the ground zero ceremony, and that includes president obama. instead he will be attending a private ceremony at the
6:35 am
pentagon memorial. he will also be speaking with wounded soldiers at walter reed. here is white house spokesperson jay carney. >> he certainly hopes and knows that americans across the country will take a moment to reflect upon the events of september 11, 2001, and all that our country has been through together since then. >> reporter: it was 11 years ago this morning that that third plane crashed into the pentagon right at 9:37 a.m. at that exact moment this morning, there will be a moment of silence at arlington national cemetery. there will also be that private ceremony at the pentagon memorial for survivors and the victims' families that the president obama and first lady will be attending. the memorial will be closed till noon today for that event. if you want to mark that 9:37 moment this morning, go to
6:36 am
arlington national cemetery. you can also -- here at the national cathedral, they are holding prayer services at 8:45 this morning, noon, and at 5:30 this evening. it really is hard to believe it's been 11 years since 9/11. in some way it is seems it was just yesterday but we all know so much has changed since then. >> indeed, kristin, kristin fisher live at the national cathedral in northwest washington this morning. to honor the victims of 9/11, the muslim community launched its second muslims for life blood drive on capitol hill yesterday. they're hoping to collect 11,000 bags of blood which can be used to help save as many as 33,000 americans. organizers say they are holding similar drives around the country. >> these divers are part of our effort to honor the victims of 9/11, really to -- these drives
6:37 am
are part of our effort to honor the victims of 9/11, really to honor those of 11 years ago. >> stay with 9/11 all day as we remember the victims of the 9/11 attacks. right now on our website, you can see some artwork done by children which is on display at the pentagon. and you can learn what's being done to help first responders who were made sick on that day. and learn about a local service project going on today. all of that right on police are hoping the survivor of a deadly double shooting in prince george's county can explain what happened. this was the scene around 1:00 this morning on gateway boulevard in district heights. police say they found one gunshot victim on the sidewalk and they discovered the other victim inside an apartment. right now police are not releasing the names of either victim. they're still trying to figure out what sparked the shooting. 9 wants you to know pepco and the maryland public service
6:38 am
commission are at it again billing cups hers for heck industries -- customers for electricity they never received. the utility did a great job of getting hundreds of people back online after saturday's storm but now they'll be charged for juice they didn't get. the storm counts as a major one and that means pepco can bill customers who lost power. it doesn't have to be explicitly labeled on the bills. the charge will amount to a dollar per customer. the issue will be taken up at a hearing later this month. 6:38. jessica doyle is watching your money. the colleges are saying welcome freshmen. >> and so are the credit card companies. as usual. >> that's right. raise your hand if you've into then go credit card problems in college or after college. >> right after college. >> absolutely. the kids are settled into school. they're back on campus. this is a really good time to have that chat about money and credit cards with your kids. you've got to do it, people. new laws. they no longer allow credit
6:39 am
card companies to set up shop wan thousand feet of campus. they can still get into trouble, though. when used properly, managing a credit card can help students with positive money lessons. so review the basics with your kids. you need to do it. so you explain your interest rates, how bad late fees can be and why annual fees matter. the bottom line of course is pay on time. did you know payment history accounts for 35% of your overall credit score? and face it, you can't avoid a credit store history forever. and the world's dependency on oil, theoretically there's enough wind power to power the entire planet. a new study is out in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences. researchers argue it could be possible to get half of the world's power from four million wind turbines. the study did not consider the cost of building all those turbines or where they would go. g.m. admits it is losing money on every single volt it sells but there is a lot of debate as to how much money it's actually
6:40 am
losing. roiters crunched its own set of numbers and says g.m. loses $45,000 on each and every individual volt. g.m. is saying no way and it insipses its big investment in the -- insists its big investment in the new technology will pay off over time. >> by that calculation it lost of lot of dough. >> we're talking about all of the money g.m. has already spent creating the technology, producing it on various -- very specific type assembly lines. it says over time the technology will take over and it will pay for itself. >> give it time. >> give it time. >> thanks, jess. it 16:40. in nine minutes, learn why maryland congressional candidate is leaving the race and what it means for november. >> it is chilly out. 57 degrees in the district. it's upper 40s in some of the
6:41 am
suburbs. howard says what a gorgeous day headed your way. highs in the upper 70s and beautiful. coming up, find out just how long it's going to last.
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welcome back. it's 6:45. 57 degrees. timesaver traffic and a whole bunch of stuff to tell you this morning. first of all, a tree down in tacoma park, philadelphia avenue at cedar. you want to be aware of that also northbound 95, a couple of incidents. one is a disabled vehicle just north of dale city. it's been moved out of the roadway as we speak. then you've got slow traffic in the hov lanes here northbound 95 trying to get past lorton because of an accident again in the hov lane. main lines remain open. let's see if we can take a look at the northbound side of 95
6:46 am
where you'll find slow traffic as you travel through springfield. once you're in the downtown area on pennsylvania avenue, things are looking great. let's go back over to our maps. this time a look at 270 southbound. the long, slow lineup out of frederick down into clarksburg. then the pace improves. we'll take a live look at falls road and 270 where it's just bunching up a bit down to the spur. otherwise lanes are open. by the way an accident out in virginia eastbound route 50 near route 28 in centreville. i'll have more on that and other area roads at 6:58. sweater weather, guys. back to you. >> wow. >> look at this. oh, my word. a beautiful day, a beautiful sun rise shot. thank you, sky 9. >> that's a sign ever the gorgeous day we're going to have ahead. it's gorgeous right now. today is going to be even better than yesterday. the sun just crossing the horizon. sunrise 6:45. a minute into our daylight. >> two best seasons in this area, spring and fall and they
6:47 am
just don't last long enough. >> we're going to have another great couple of days. we just creep up a little bit temperature wise. your bus stop forecast, a beautiful one. clear and cool to chilly depending on you where are. had some readings down to 44 in frederick, maryland. that's about as cool as i've seen it in many, many months. 40s and 50s at the bus stop. as monika said, sweater weather, light wrap, whatever you need. 8:00 60. noon 72. winds north this morning at 5:00. light and variable this afternoon. 76-degree reading at 4:00. in between hours we'll likely poke up to 78 but still 70 at 8:00 p.m. light winds. near weather perfection on this tuesday. 46 now in gaithersburg and winchester and luray. cumberland 45. had 40s in la plata. patuxent river 62 but leonardtown away from the water, it's 50 right now. the bay makes a big difference. outside our michael & son weather camera in tysons corner
6:48 am
this morning, a pretty morning out there, 57. dew points have fallen into the upper 40s with humidity at 74%. and the barometer 30.25. continues to rise as high pressure is over west virginia this morning and building in. some showers in the dakotas behind a cold front that's not going to make it here till maybe saturday night, sunday. out ahead of it high pressure to the west. so we've got the cool side of the high on us now. the warm side out to the west across st. louis. they'll be in the mid-80s today. minneapolis ahead of the front. we'll see their temperature poke to 95. east coast looks great. low to mid-70s on the eastern seaboard. 80s in the ohio and tennessee valley. looking at our forecast on this tuesday, beautiful, 78. tonight again near 50 in the suburbs, 60 in town. tomorrow 83. thursday and friday sunny, not too humid, high temperature about 84. there's our chance of showers returning saturday night into sunday. our time 16:48.
6:49 am
later this morning five people will be sentenced for murder in one of the most violent incidents in the district's history. three people were shot and killed along south capitol street in march 2010. six others were hurt. the shootings were revenge for a murder from earlier in the day. five men were convicted in may. a big crowd is expected for today's sentencing hearing. a democrat running for congress in maryland is dropping out of the race but it's too late to get her name off the ballot. wendy rosen pulled out of the race days after state democrats learned she had voted in both maryland and in florida in 2006 and 2008. all she'll say is she's pulling out for, quote, personal reasons. she was running against republican congressman andy harris for the first congressional district seat. it is 6:49. we want to find out the answer to our question of the morning. >> this was pun. here's -- was fun. the average -- here's the question one more time. one of these things cost four times more than it did 25 years ago but only half the size.
6:50 am
are we talking about a, a bag of chips, b, a bikini, or c-a cell phone? >> the answer is the itsybitsy teeny weany bikini, b. >> with a big price tag. who knew. >> can we get a deal on a bikini or something else? let's go to jessica. >> i should have looked for bikini deals. who knew. i found some other deals. pearly white teeth on a discount. groupon has a deal with wright dental group. you'll pay $35 for a dental package. your exam, cleaning and x-rays normally $300. you're saving 88% on this one. eat wonderful french food for 50% off. you will pay $20 and you will get $40 to spend at lavandou restaurant in cleveland park. you'll find this deal with google offers. and living social uncorking this one.
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six bottles of premium wine is being offered for $50 at barmy wines and liquors. that is a $100 value. if you have an offer you've soon or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from ow facebook. a check -- you on facebook. a check of the news before you go is next. [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising...
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6:54. today is tuesday, september 11. here's a check the news before you go. a live look at the pentagon this morning. president obama will take part in a -- excuse me. that's new york city. the president will take part in a 9/11 remembrance ceremony there later thorg. -- this morning. it was 11 years ago when 184 people died when an american airlines flight crashed into the pentagon. metro is back in the black
6:55 am
financially speaking. the transit agency says it's ended its 2012 fiscal year with a $28 million surplus. metro credits cost cutting and managing its money better. gio gonzalez picked up his 19th win of the season last night. he went six innings giving up three hits, striking out six. the nats topping the mets 5-1. cbs this morning begins at the top of the hour. the man who wrote bye-bye misamerican pie will be in studio 57. >> before that, we'll have one more check of traffic and weather. stay right here on 9news now.
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:58. a beautiful day under way. 40s and 50s. we're going to be in the mid- to upper 70s this afternoon. warmer through friday but sunny and not too humid. some showers possible by saturday night into sunday. a look from sky 9 on the
6:59 am
northbound side of i-95 right near the fairfax county parkway n. is an accident in the hov lanes blocking the right lane. you've got delays getting by. everyone on the main line is looking at it too. slow traffic there. 270 on the southbound side, this is falls road down to the point where the lanes divide. glad we're at work already, guys. >> wow. cbs this morning is coming up next. norah o'donnell talks with defense secretary leon panetta about the navy seal who wrote the book by killing osama bin laden. monika and i will be back in 25 minutes with a live update on this morning's traffic and weather. >> are you following us on twitter? you should be. find us on wusa9. for all you followers, we'll see you tomorrow morning at 4:25. until then, enjoy this glorious day. >> happy birthday, sam.

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